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Solid Carbide End Mills - manufactured in the USA

 HTC Solid Carbide are available in 2fl, 3 fl and 4 fl  Single End, Double End, Straight and Ball end.  Your choice of a non-coating, TIALN, TIN and TICN are available for your particilar job. Included are Comb. Drill & CS, Screw Machine bits, Jobbers, Chucking Reamers and Burrs.

Welcome to
family owned since 1965
We sell quality industrial supplies...Danly Die Set, Anchor Lamina &
Lempco components, Danly Punches, Kaller Gas Springs, Camel
grinding wheels, Amada, Diamond & Towerleaf band saw blades,
Mitsubishi Carbide inserts, Mar-Tech coolants,
KLINGSPOR Abrasives and VSM Abrasives.
Just to name a few.  Please see our Linecard
Give us a call at 1-800-LUKE or 5853 or 615-242-0319
FAX us at 615-242-0319 or Email :


We open at 7:00am and
close at 4:00pm central
Monday thru Friday

I'd rather be fishing!

For all you turning, milling & drilling needs.  Mitsubishi offers a variety of grades to get your job done right.  Why don't you call us today for a quote!

LS309XH Klingspor Portable

    Sanding belts for wood

Pricing is available through

email only.  In subject line

please use     PORTBELT.

We'll   respond   back with

total  amount   along   with

UPS Charges. Credit card

will  be charged  only after

your   order  has  shipped.

                  3 x 21

100 & finer  -    1.10/ea.

  80 grit        -    1.10/ea.

  60 grit        -    1.15/ea.

  50 grit        -    1.20/ea.

                  3 x 24

 100 & finer -    1.12/ea.

   80 grit       -    1.16/ea.

   60 grit       -    1.21/ea.

   50 grit       -    1.28/ea.

                4 x 24

 100 & finer -    1.42/ea.

   80 grit       -    1.46/ea.

   60 grit       -    1.51/ea.

   50 grit       -    1.56/ea.


Luken Supply Co., Inc.
1314 Lewis Street
Nashville, TN 37210
Phone: 800-229-5853

Hours - 7:00am to 4:00pm CST M-F

FAX - 615-242-0310

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